Our Tutors - UO

Erin T.


“I am a senior at UO, majoring in Journalism with a focus in feature writing. I have received proficient grades in WR 121 and 123, Reporting I and II, as well as Feature Writing. Writing and editing have always been passions of mine. I love working with writers to ensure that their voice is articulated in a clear way, that also presents a compelling story. I am willing to work with students needing help with any piece of writing, regardless of the course. “

Krishen A.


“I’m a math major with an art history minor, and interest in education. I’ve been a tutor for only 2 years but very happy to answer any questions whether you’re looking for homework help or exam prep! Super friendly and knowledgable about diverse topics. Sometimes I don’t get the notifications so just text my number at (203)-962-5539 “

Jimmy H.


“I’m a junior double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. This is my 6th term tutoring EC 201, 202, 311, 313, 320.”

Robert D.


“Senior at the UO majoring in Accounting with minors in Computer Information Technology and Economics.”

Lucas E.

Biology, HYPHY

“I’ve enjoyed being a private tutor for 5+ years now, putting to use my honors degrees in both Human Physiology and Philosophy, as well as my minors in Biology and Organic Chemistry. I completed additional research in behavioral neuroscience. Between these subjects and many other curiosities, I’m confident I can offer you lively, comprehensive and relatable tutoring to assist you through every challenge you may encounter.”

Sofia G.


“Hi! My name is Sofia and I’m a junior at the UO.  I am a General Social Science Major with a concentration in business and economics. I have always had a passion for reading, writing, executing excellent grammar technique and applying precise vocabulary. WR 121 and 123 were two of my favorite gen-ed classes. I know writing can be challenging for some students, so my goal is not only to help you succeed in the class itself, but to aid you in improving your writing and critical thinking skills for future classes. Please feel free to email me at sofiag@uoregon.edu!”

Adrian M.


“I’ve been a math tutor for five years and have worked as the head of the Math departments tutoring center before becoming a cofounder of TutorTree. Tutoring has always been my passion, I enjoy the challenge of making complex topics simple. I understand how difficult math can be and often it’s presented in a way that makes it even worse. My goal is always to show how when math is simple it can also be fun!”

Jordan F.


“I tutor at the Fenton math library. I enjoy the challenge of tutoring. The challenge of trying to speak the language you understand in order for you to understand the material. You will learn, laugh and pass your class.  -If you aren’t  seeing an availability for me, feel free to message and we can work something.”

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