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Tutortree discovered an unmet need on college campuses. Universities and colleges do not have the resources for individual one-on-one tutoring sessions. We also know college students struggle with test anxiety, hectic schedules and competing demands. Tutortree was born to provide your student the on-demand confidence to excel in their education.

Tutortree tutors are your student’s peers. Our tutors have taken the exact class with the same teacher and can help your student study for their next homework assignment or exam. Our branch of tutors grow the trunk of knowledge.

Tutortree allows your student to search for tutors by course number, read reviews, message with the tutor, book and pay for a tutoring session on their phones.

For any course, at any time, anywhere on campus, our tutors are here to help your student ace that next calculus exam!

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We have Tutors for any class at any time, so your student can be assured that whenever they need help they can get it


Every session occurs in public locations on campus and Tutors are required to have a University email.


With our Parent Dashboard you can see when your student had a session and with which Tutor so you have more insight into your student's education

University Approved

All Tutors are required to have a recommendation from a faculty member as well as a B+ or better in the course they want to Tutor

Current trends in education seem to be constantly increasing tuition, with continuous cuts occurring in the student resource sector. Tutoring is now a cheap insurance policy on the insane cost of a college education. 

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