Support your groups - Pilot Program

Donate a Tutoring session to your favorite on campus groups. Whether it’s your Fraternity, Club Sports Team or a Support Group

At Tutortree, we know not everyone can afford additional help outside of class. We hope to provide a direct, accountable donation platform for those interested. Duck Aid is our original, campus wide UO tutoring option, and we hope to expand our options so that donations can be more targeted towards individual groups.

UO Building

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Oregon O

Duck Aid

Expanding Soon!

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We have Tutors for any class at any time, so your student can be assured that whenever they need help they can get it


Every session occurs in public locations on campus and Tutors are required to have a University email.


With our Parent Dashboard you can see when your student had a session and with which Tutor so you have more insight into your student's education

University Approved

All Tutors are required to have a recommendation from a faculty member as well as a B+ or better in the course they want to Tutor

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