A mobile app connecting Tutors and Students

About Tutortree

Tutortree is a mobile app that reduces the friction in finding, scheduling, and meeting with a peer tutor on campus. We found that Universities often don’t have the funds or resources to provide one on one help for every student. While the drop-in centers, faculty lists, and traditional poster advertisements work well, finding a private tutor for any course, at any time remains challenging. 

That’s why we created Tutortree. So finding a tutor isn’t complicated and it’s one less thing to stress.

Co-founders Eli Ackerman and Adrian Martushev were a student-tutor pair for Calculus, who both saw difficulties when it came to finding each other, and continuing to have sessions. Senior year, they teamed up to find a solution to this problem. After operating for a year at UofO, they decided that students and tutors across the country could benefit from the platform. For Fall 2019, they aim to make the platform available to 10 new schools.

Winter 2020 Schools

Available to these schools Winter 2020 Quarter and Semester. Feel free to reach out for more information or to get involved. #Jointutortree

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